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Provisional   Licence


You will need to obtain a provisional license before you start driving with an instructor or family member. We strongly recommend taking lessons with an instructor before attempting to drive with a family member in order to ensure your safety as well as other road users. You can find more information on obtaining a  provisional license on the link below.


Theory Test 

The theory test is designed to help you read road signs, understand the rules of the road and learn how to perceive any possible hazards that lie ahead. We strongly recommend reading the Highway Code before taking your theory test. Practical test bookings take up to 3 months in some areas, so it’s definitely a good idea to pass your theory as soon as possible. More information about the theory test and how to book can be found on the link below.


Practical Test 



The format of the driving test will change on 4 December.This could include 20 minutes of sat nav driving, driving straight into a bay and parking on the right-hand side of the road. Click on the link below for detailed info.


Now that you’ve passed your theory ,you’re a step closer to booking your practical. Your instructor will advise you on a suitable date. A mock test is a good gauge to assess if you are close to taking a practical test. Please don’t book your test without your instructor's consent unless you are taking your test in your own car. You can change or cancel your test at least 3 working days before. Click on the link below for more info and bookings.


  • Show Me Tell Me 

Your examiner will expect you answer two questions about your vehicle before starting your test which is known as 'show me, tell me'. As of 4  December,2017 the driving test format will change and the questions will be asked whilst driving. Your instructor will go through the questions with you during your lessons. Click on the link below to view the full  list of show me tell me questions.

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